Flexitanks, also known as pillow tanks, are flexible liquid storage vessels made of high-tensile strength coated textile fabrics. Their unique weight, cost, operational, strength, and durability characteristics make them indispensable for a variety of liquid storage applications. 

In this guide, we break down the key characteristics of flexitanks, as well as dive into the details of high-quality flexitank manufacturing.

We’ve included a Case Study about world-class flexitank manufacturer Wiefferink who partnered with Erez to provide successful turnkey water storage solutions to large-scale athletic championships, such as the Olympic Games, the soccer World Cup, and European Cup.


In this guide, you’ll learn about:

  • A full introduction to flexitanks as an alternative to permanent liquid storage units
  • What to consider to ensure compatibility with the liquid content of the flexitanks
  • How to ensure flexitank reliability, including concerns of coating adhesion, storage capacity, and anti-wicking fabric protection
  • Environmental and economic sustainability considerations - how switching to flexitanks can save time, money, and manpower
  • How a Dutch Company Introduced a Game-Changer to the Olympics: Case Study on Wiefferink

Special thanks to our partners at Wiefferink for content and image contributions.Wiefferink


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